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Vicki O'Neill Cincinnati

Vicki O'Neill, Co-Founder

Vicki O'Neill is a Cincinnati area Marketing and Sales strategist with over 20 years experience in various industries including automotive, publishing, manufacturing and ad agencies. She started her business, KenKay Marketing, in 201 and has worked with startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and mid-size companies on their marketing strategies as well as marketing and sales alignment strategies.

She learned through the years that her strength comes from helping others overcome obstacles, set realistic but challenging goals then coach them through while cheering with them on achieving milestones - even the small goals. Vicki has worked one-on-one with entrepreneurs on goal setting, creating challenges to help reach milestones and celebrate in their successes.

In 2018, Vicki decided to focus 100% on growing her Marketing and Sales Alignment business. She realized over time the power of collaboration, leveraging her strengths to help others and that she couldn't do it all alone. The Mastermind groups she's been in has helped realize that there is power in numbers and surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting and supportive people is enough to make greatness happen.

Over a conversation and glass of wine, Vicki and Robynn realized they had similar passions and interests. They also realized there was something they were both passionate about but kept putting it on the back burner.  At that table and at that moment, they decided to pursue their passions, integrate ideas and make that "thing they kept talking about" a reality. 

And the Accountability Craze was started.

To learn more about Vicki or connect with her on platforms where you spend time, below is where she spends time. 

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Robynn Anton, Co-Founder

Robynn is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing and promoting businesses. 

With millions of dollars generated in sales revenue working with the top Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit and small business, designing sales, marketing and promotional canpaigns and programs, Robynn craves success and is dedicated to helping others build and grow their businesses. 

Digital Marketing Strategist:

  • Website design, development and online strategy
  • Sales Funnel Strategy Development & Execution (Click Funnels platform)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Webinar Series Development & Execution Thought Leadership and Influencer Program Development
  • Live Event Production Specialist
  • Collateral Development for Sales and Marketing Brand Messaging
  • Sales & Marketing Campaign Integration

Most recently Robynn has managed marketing initiatives for companies such as CenterGrid, an infrastructure management and cloud-based solutions firm, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Cincinnati Education and Research for Veterans Foundation, Inline Labels, Public School Works (SaaS for school safety and training programs) and Camargo Pharmaceuticals.


Robynn began my marketing career as a freelance Senior Writer for The Brand Experience, an event production company based out of Cincinnati, While there she worked with clients such as P&G, RadioShack, Microsoft, Intel, Philips, Amdocs, Nakheel Developers and Reebok. 

Robynn has also worked with large name suppliers and manufacturers such as National Adhesives creating marketing plans, programs, events and direct mail campaigns for new products. Working with MurphyCatton, an experiential design and fabrication company, her projects involved redesigning their corporate website, which ultimately produced $4.5 million in sales the first year, representing the company at industry trade events, producing the company’s general capabilities video, and defining their marketing channels and creating sales & marketing materials by target audience. 

While working with REV Media Marketing she served as their Chief Innovation Officer working with clients such as, The Tax Lady Roni Deutch, Market Tamer, Jane Fonda World Fitness Day and Amanda de Cadenet. Other previous clients include MELT Method where she provided strategy recommendation as well as messaging, business development and PR; Liz Mitten Ryan and Gateway 2 Ranch, advertising and production specialist; and many other organizations where she helped to create integrated marketing solutions through TV, Radio, Social Media, Video Production, Database Marketing Management and more. 

Previously, Robynn also worked with Definity Partners, a manufacturing consulting firm, Hobsons and Knovation, both offering software for education facilities, and TruDog where she managed a multimillion dollar digital marketing advertising budget.

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