Accountability Craze

The $100K Accountability Craze Challenge!


The $100K Accountability Craze Challenge!


Are you a serious entrepreneur?

We know running your own business can be a struggle. We understand that it is sometimes ALL you can do to take care of your customers.

We also know that you have sleepless nights. You worry about what you could be doing better, what you should do more of to grow your business, how to create higher value leads and how to create better products or services to offer prospects. 

For that very reason, the Accountability Craze Challenge was created. 

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About the Challenge

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it isn't easy to keep up with everything you need to do to run your business efficiently and effectively.

We are here to help facilitate the craziness! It's time to turn chaos into clarity - starting with aligning your business plans and goals with your sales and marketing strategy.

Join us in The $100K Accountability Craze Challenge where we will be working  closely with YOU to help you increase your business by $100K or more in the next 12-months! 

Let's get real.  Other programs entice you with goals of increasing sales by the millions - YES! that would be amazing, but we are realists. We want you to set achievable goals with micro activities so you can FEEL the SUCCESS!

With The $100K Accountability Craze Challenge, we will work with you each week to make sure you have the resources, tools and knowledge you need to set clear goals, align your goals with action, and hold yourself accountable (with the help of our team) for taking the necessary steps to achieve your dreams.

Nothing worth doing right is ever easy. So here are our promises to you:

  • This will be hard
  • You will be working overtime to move the needle

YOU are worth it! And your business deserves your attention - so stop letting opportunity pass you by. Join us in the challenge that will change your business and change your life! 


Statistics show that 42% of businesses don't use a business coach. Yet those that use a business coach increase profit margin on average 46%.  

This indicates that business coaching and accountability partners are key to success of any business. Now, you could do it on your own - but be honest with yourself - will you really?  

Do you think you are missing out on assets such as basic business planning, brand building, sales strategy that incorporates digital marketing including social media, email marketing, list building, paid search, webinars, online programs and e-Commerce? 

We get it. You can't do it ALL - at least not alone or without help or consulting.

That's where we come in: The CRAZE SQUAD

As successful entrepreneurs and business coaches for the past twenty years, we've walked in your shoes. Some of us are still walking in your shoes, but we are here to help push you, show you clear, simple steps and remove obstacles that are standing in your way - even if that obstacle is you.

Take your dream of growing your business and LET'S DO THIS! TOGETHER.


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